Robert David Steele

Full Disclosure: What Has Been Hidden, What Can We Know, Why Does It Matter?

Robert Steele is one of the brightest and most creative analysts and problem solvers on the planet today who relate to big, global problems. In addition being very well known on the Internet and being very well connected with many people who are “behind the curtain”, he has reviewed more nonfiction books on Amazon than any other person in the world. This provides him with an extraordinarily broad and sophisticated base for understanding how this world really works and what the likely options are for us all going forward into this time of great change.

In one of his postings on his Public Intelligence website (, Robert indicated that there were three books that most shook his worldview and reorganized his understanding of what is happening in the world. Considering that he had reviewed over 2,500 books across 97 non-fiction categories, I wanted to learn more about these three books that he says “blew his mind open,” so I asked him if he would be willing to talk about those three books, his reviews of them and how he now understands the workings of the world because of it. (His reviews of those three books are below.)

Well, he got carried away and before I knew it, he was proposing focusing on not three but five books (because he just had read two more “six-star” tomes), touch on the next tier of a dozen significant writings . . . and then offer a further list of those that were clearly above average. I thought that in the face of all of this extraordinary change we’re facing, this large, highly-informed perspective would be most interesting.

On 19 October 2019 he will discuss the five books, his experience with the Deep State and Shadow Government, and his views of how 2020 will be a watershed for the US and the world.

Robert David Steele, former spy, former Marine Corps officer, proponent of Open Source Everything, Presidential candidate in 2012 and perhaps again in 2024, recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017 will integrate his life’s experience with his lessons from the works of others to explore love versus fear as a foundation for politics; liberty under natural law versus predatory fascism as we now have in the USA; and the possibilities for cosmic awakening very soon, in a full on defeat of the Deep State and its Archon masters.

Review: The Conservative Sensibility by George F. Will – Handbook for an American Renaissance
Review: TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE – Social Engineering the Masses by Daniel Estulin — Deep State Playbook
Review: Trance: Formation of America
Review: Project Human Extinction – The Ultimate Conspiracy
Review: Everything You Need to Know But Have Never Been Told by David Icke


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  1. I was astounded by David Steele’s presentation. The man is a genius, his recall of facts from the different books was amazing. Happy lots of this information is coming out. Thank you, John, for another eye-opening event. I love coming to Berkeley Springs for Transitions Talks.

  2. Really loved his presentation. Lots of great info. Well presented.

  3. Politifact’s 2018 Lie of the Year was that survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting were “crisis actors”. These conspiracy theories were spread on blogs and social media by sources including InfoWars,[31] and targeted students including Emma González and David Hogg, who became prominent gun control activists in the wake of the shooting and helped organize the March for our Lives.

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